Mark Munroe

Founder and CEO

I've been deeply involved in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) since 2003. Prior to that, my expertise was in network monitoring systems. Having seen and heard of so many avoidable technical SEO disasters, I've decided to build the application I wish was available to me all these years (combining my knowledge of monitoring systems and SEO). And so I decided to create SEORadar.

SEORadar is a change monitoring system for web pages and particularly an SEO disaster avoidance system. It examines changes to pages and alert users to issues with potential dire SEO consequences, including title changes, noindex tags, broken canonicals, 302s and much more. SEORadar checks for over 100 distinct site changes and warns users when they occur. Users can configure their own tests if we missed one you need!


October 26, 2016

10:15 - 11:30
1 hour 15 minutes
California West