BE302: Creative Storytelling & Evangelizing Success: Selling Ideas and Building Business Cases

Today’s consumer places high trust in the opinions and recommendations from friends and family—above all other forms of advertising. As a result, brands need to be less like marketing machines and more like ‘friends,’ telling stories that resonate, evoke emotions and encourage connection.

In this session, learn how to integrate storytelling into your communication practices, both internally as well as in market, to distinguish your brand and incite buy-in of your ideas and your products.

Key Session Takeaways:
• Master the art of storytelling to influence and create connection
• Effectively use data, visuals and metrics for persuasive, fact-based storytelling
• Tailor communication strategies across personality types


October 25, 2016

13:15 - 14:30
1 hour 15 minutes
Elizabethan A/B


SEO Manager, Staples Europe
Senior Editor
The Denver Post
Global Digital Go-to-Market Strategist


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